In a Māori world view and experience wellbeing is holistic, it encompasses physical, spiritual, mental and whānau (family) wellbeing.  It is circular, spiraling inwards and outwards from the center of who we are as a collective and as individuals.  Our belief and identity is carried in our whakapapa and passed on in our stories,  songs,  dance and other forms of creative expression. Our whakapapa (genealogy) defines us, grounds us in who we are and inspires our lives in ways that sustain and enhance our environment. The taiao (natural world) is us, there is no separation only connection. These are the teachings of our ancestors.

In bringing these teachings into our lives in a meaningful way we enhance our connection to Papatuanuku (earth mother) to Ranginui (sky father) and to their children, that are all living things and in doing so we enhance ourselves and our whānau whānui. This is the expression of connection that we embrace as Māori.

The aim of this website is to educate, discuss and explore sustainable and life enhancing practices that align with the Māori tikanga (ways of doing things) and whakapapa. Some are traditional practice, some come from other cultures, some are contemporary or a mix of tradition and innovation. All reiterate and support the same ideals and practical ways of living within the natural cycle of life. This is the life-affirming spiral that connects us all to our selves, to each other and to all living things. 

We hope Eco Māori inspires you, your family and community to share the skills, knowledge and spirit of living in harmony with our natural world.